We offer a complete range of services to support and achieve your event successfully.
An environment of professionals who will manage with you the conference,
the congress or the event you are planning:

- Site indentification (Conference rooms, catering, hotels,…)
- Budget (accounting, invoicing)
- Suppliers management (purchasing, contracts)
- Partners & sponsors management
- Exhibition organization (stands, furniture)
- Registration (on/off line)
- Technical support (public adresse, A/V, transmission, voting)
- Logistics ( participants, faculties, speakers)
- Events web site publications & mails campaigns
- Abstracts flow management (Med)
- Publishing (design, printing, dispatching)
- Promotion items (bags, pens, T shirt, notepads, lanyers,...)

Meet with us in time to work together on the planning
and the schedule of your event.